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How to Download and Play Dragon Ball Z M.U.G.E.N Edition 2011

How to Download and Play Dragon Ball Z M.U.G.E.N Edition 2011

Dragon Ball Z M.U.G.E.N Edition 2011 is a fan-made fighting game based on the popular anime and manga series Dragon Ball Z. It features over 70 playable characters, custom stages, music, and sound effects. If you are a fan of Dragon Ball Z and want to experience the epic battles in your own computer, here is how you can download and play Dragon Ball Z M.U.G.E.N Edition 2011.

dragon ball z M.U.G.E.N edition 2011.rar


Step 1: Download the game file

The game file is compressed in a .rar format, which means you need a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip to extract it. You can download the game file from various sources online, such as[^1^], YouTube[^3^] [^4^], or Mod DB[^5^]. Make sure you have enough space on your hard drive before downloading, as the game file is about 733 MB in size.

Step 2: Extract the game file

Once you have downloaded the game file, locate it in your downloads folder and right-click on it. Select "Extract here" or "Extract to Dragon Ball Z M.U.G.E.N Edition 2011" depending on your preference. This will create a new folder with the same name as the game file, containing all the game files and folders.

Step 3: Run the game executable

Open the newly created folder and look for the file named "DBZ M.U.G.E.N Edition 2011.exe". Double-click on it to launch the game. You can also create a shortcut of this file on your desktop for easier access. The game does not require installation, so you can play it directly from the folder.

Step 4: Enjoy the game

The game has various modes and options for you to choose from. You can play solo or with a friend in Arcade, Team Arcade, Survival, Team Survival, Training, Watch, or Versus mode. You can also customize the game settings, such as difficulty, time limit, life bars, sound effects, and more. You can use your keyboard or a controller to play the game. The default keys are:

  • A: Light punch

  • S: Heavy punch

  • Z: Light kick

  • X: Heavy kick

  • C: Charge energy

  • V: Dodge

  • F1: Pause

  • F2: Restart

  • F3: Save state

  • F4: Load state

  • F12: Take screenshot

  • Arrows: Move

  • Enter: Confirm

  • Backspace: Cancel

You can also change the keys in the Options menu. To use a controller, you need to configure it in the Joystick Config menu.

Dragon Ball Z M.U.G.E.N Edition 2011 is a fun and exciting game for Dragon Ball Z fans. It has high-quality graphics, sound effects, music, and gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours. Download it now and unleash your inner Saiyan!

Step 5: Learn the moves

Each character in Dragon Ball Z M.U.G.E.N Edition 2011 has their own unique moves and special attacks. You can view the move list of each character in the Select screen by pressing F1. You can also access the move list during the game by pausing and selecting "Command List". Some of the common commands are:

  • QCF: Quarter circle forward (down, down-forward, forward)

  • QCB: Quarter circle backward (down, down-back, back)

  • HCF: Half circle forward (back, down-back, down, down-forward, forward)

  • HCB: Half circle backward (forward, down-forward, down, down-back, back)

  • D: Down

  • U: Up

  • F: Forward

  • B: Back

  • P: Any punch button (A or S)

  • K: Any kick button (Z or X)

For example, to perform Goku's Kamehameha, you need to press QCF + P. To perform Vegeta's Final Flash, you need to press QCF + K. To perform Gohan's Masenko, you need to press QCB + P. To perform Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon, you need to press HCF + P.

Some characters also have transformations that increase their power and change their appearance. To transform, you need to have enough energy and press a certain button combination. For example, to transform Goku into Super Saiyan, you need to press D + C + V. To transform Vegeta into Majin Vegeta, you need to press F + C + V. To transform Gohan into Ultimate Gohan, you need to press B + C + V.

Experiment with different characters and moves to find your favorite ones. You can also watch some gameplay videos online to learn from other players and get some tips and tricks. e0e6b7cb5c


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