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Joshua Turner

Honey Select Dick Modsl

the median values for penis size preference do not differ between men and women, and there is no difference in the probability of selecting a small penis size model between men and women. thus, men and women have similar penis size preferences. table 4 shows the average penis size and the proportion of men and women who thought that a given size was the average size for men and women, respectively. this shows that men have a larger average penis than women (f1,75 = 81.0, p

Honey Select Dick Modsl

the model selected was not significantly larger than the actual sample size (m(sd) = 5.9(.3) vs. 5.8(.3)) for women who selected a model as most likely to carry an sti. those most likely to be infected selected a larger penis size (m(sd) = 6.4(.3)) compared to the model most likely to be clean (m(sd) = 6.0(.3)). these findings did not vary by dimension. given the high power, analyses of preferences were conducted as planned.

most (n = 48) women selected the exactly correct model (in both length and circumference) at immediate recall (see fig 5 ). about half (n = 31) of women selected exactly the correct model at delayed recall. there was a main effect of dimension predicting model selection error (f(1,73) = 11.6, p p2 =.14): participants slightly underestimated penis length after the recall interval (m = -0.18 inches or -0.46 cm error), but were very accurate recalling penis circumference (m = 0.02 inches or 0.05 cm error). there was no main effect of delay nor dimension x delay interaction despite high power (f =.1, r =.9, 1- =.97). given the high accuracy, analyses of preferences were conducted as planned.


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