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Laurel Lukin

Download SimCity 4 with Multi5 Patch ITA from TNT Village and Build Your Dream City

the second expansion to the base game was the simcity societies tutorial. it is basically a walkthrough of the game and explains how to properly manage your city, manage your buildings, research buildings, and tweak the settings to make your city the way you want. there is plenty of documentation to help you out too.

PC Game - SimCity 4 [Multi5 Patch ITA] TNT Village game download

Download Zip:

first up, you need to save your game. then, you can go into the settings, and set the enable expert and pro options to on. then, you can enable the show goal and goal options and choose the ones that are most important to you. you can also choose to show buildings as visible, health, or unavailable. accessories can be set to show, details, or hide. these all help you in certain ways, especially the health and unavailable options.

this is my first stab at writing a review and i wanted to address one of the biggest criticisms ive heard. there are no monthly bills. are you kidding me? ive always played games that either had an in-app purchase or a monthly subscription fee for extra content. the game does not include either of these and does not ask for your credit card details at any point. it also does not do any kind of advertising that would require a monthly fee. there are some in-game purchases like the expansion packs, but none of them are a monthly fee. even in the 4k mode, you can only place up to 4 cities at once, making this a very limited experience. if you want more of an in-depth simcity experience, this is not for you. all of the content you could ever want is included in the base game.


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