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Stat Transfer: The Best Software for Transferring Data Between Different Formats

Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) is a statistical analysis software developed and marketed by IBM since 1972. The most advanced version is SPSS Statistics 25. With SPSS you can perform statistical analyses, draw and produce infographics, create test and survey questions, and much more. You can use SPSS as a programming language with Python, R, and Java.

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Stat/Transfer is a straightforward utility capable to transfer data from a file format to another in just a couple of seconds. If you work with large data sets full of numerous variables you can rely on Stat/Transfer to transfer your data between apps. Stat/Transfer is capable to automatically read the provided statistical data from any of the supported formats and convert it to the desired file format. Thus, you can transfer data between ASCII, dBASE, DDI XML, Epi info, Excel, FoxPro, Gauss, gretl, JMP, LIMDEP, Matlab, Mineset, Minitab, NLOGIT, ODBC, OSIRIS, Paradox, Quattro Pro, SPSS, RATS, SAS, Stata, SYSTAT and more.By using Stat/Transfer, you can preserve the accuracy of your data while decreasing the size of the output data set. What is more, you can take control over the storage format of the transferred variables. Also, Stat/Transfer is able to automatically process variable names, values, missing values and variable labels. You can avoid errors and hours of manual labor and replace it with just a few mouse clicks. From Stat/Transfers main window you can set the input and output file format and select the destination file for the generated file.

There are many ways to transfer data from an SPSS file to Microsoft Excel, but one of the easiest methods is that of the Excel Import. A very simple and effective way to transfer your SPSS files is to use the Import Excel command. With this, you will be able to import and then view the data in your desired file type. To perform this, you have to download the program.


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