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I went to SPA LUX with my adult special needs daughter and we had the best time! We got facials, massages, and eyebrow waxing. Everyone was so professional and accommodating to me and my daughter. It was the best day ever! All the rooms were clean, they provided water, and there was soft music. Everyone was so nice and made us feel completely comfortable. The services were well worth the money. Check out this great spa on Memorial and 81st in Tulsa.

buy eyebrow wax


Hi Sue, I've just purchased the Eyebrow Wax Wand and saw your feedback card. I have been using this product for many years, even throughout my Beauty Therapy career, I have found this so easy and convenient without the hassle and the inconvenience of a messy wax pot. The only change I could suggest is cutting down the size of the pre wax cleansing wipes, as I only wax my eyebrows, and find the wipe is too large and wasted on a small area. I tear the cleansing wipe in half and keep the unused half for next time. Otherwise the wipes would be all used before I've used all of the wax in the wand. Other than that, I find your products amazing! Have a fabulous day!

i have the opinion that eyebrows are the most important feature on your face and this product is so much better then any salon I've been to. Would never let anyone touch my eyebrows every again, I'll be using this product all the time. It's just rips the unwanted hairs out seamlessly and with no pain. And the strips in the box are washable so once you use them you just wash them and use again. Holy grail product.

Purchased nads precision eyebrow wax wand and delighted with product I have tried various things but this is by far the best ,very easy to use which is brilliant as I have trouble with my hands and excellent results took every hair away instantly very painless will definitely recommend this product and purchase again.

I recently bought the eyebrow wax pen, and saw your sweet little card saying Thank you. I've used this product for many years and won't use anything else.I love it! So easy and effective and quick and easy to use.Thank you Hun, keep up the good work.

On my last shopping trip, the Health and Beauty section was out of NADS Eyebrow Shaper. I shrugged and got the NAIR version, thinking it would be the same, or close enough.Boy was I wrong. The NAIR version isn't just messier to use, it doesn't remove all the hair in one go. Even with two applications, it didn't. I know you're not supposed to use facial waxing products more than once on the same area during one day, I had to. I went to other store, got the NADS eyebrow shaper and re-applied to the areas that the NAIR one didn't work. All hair removed with one go.As long as your product is out there, that is the one I will be using.RegardsSandra Chung, PhotographerLights, Camera, and Action

I want to thank you for making this product! I am used to getting my eyebrows waxed every couple of weeks and spending too much each time. But I have always been to scared to do it myself. I was in Ulta the other week and found your wax pen product, and it has changed my life!! It was so easy and user friendly plus the wax was smooth coming on and wiping off. It was the most painless process ever, way less painful than getting them done by a professional! I will probably never go to a salon to get my eyebrows done again.Thank you for saving me money and time!! I will be purchasing again! And looking for more products by you!!

Hello,I just bought my first Nads product, which is the eyebrow wax wand. Let me tell you I AM IN LOVE! I like that the product is very gentle and doesn't leave my eyebrows irritated. It is also a quick and efficient way to do your eyebrows if you're ever in a hurry. This the first time I ever find a waxing product that is to my liking. I am excited to try more of your other products, and see how well they will work on.

I just recently bought the Nad's eyebrow shaper since all the reviews on YouTube and here were so positive and great which meant I had to try it! I had high expectations for it and wen I used it for the first time I was quite impressed! Wow this product works wonders and doesn't cost a lot if you compare it to getting your eyebrows waxed at a salon. It is great for it's price and the tutorials are amazing! Great product and I'm sure all of Nad's other products would impress me the same!

I've used this product for 10 years. It's the only eyebrow wax I'll ever use. It gives perfect shaped eyebrows every time. One pack costs the same amount as going and getting your eyebrows done and you would get 8-10 applications out of it.

Hello, I wanted to let you know that I just bought Nad's precision eyebrow wax wand and used it for the first time and it is a fantastic product. I have done my own facial waxing for almost 30 years now and have tried many products and although many of them work, they are messy, spill, and are more irritating to the skin. This product is easy, quick, not messy and works great. I also washed the waxing strips as suggested and the wax came right off. Kudos to a sustainable wax strip! I will be purchasing this again after I run out and have recommended it to my sister.

I just wanted to thank you for your product and tell you how amazing it worked. I was skeptical when I bought it but I was desperate for something to help with my eyebrows. I just had a baby and have no time to go to the salon to get my eyebrows waxed. So I bought this last night thinking it's probably not going to work like all the other products I've tried. I just tried it and wow! It worked so easily almost zero pain in my eyebrows look beautiful now. I can't tell you what this does for my self-confidence thank you so much for creating this product and I am going to be a loyal customer from now on. I'm going to tell everybody I know about it too! Thanks again!

Hi Sue.I purchased the precision eyebrow wax wand, and it is amazing. I normally use the wax strips but find it difficult sometimes to get the right shape. The was was easy and simple to use. And the cotton strips were great and reusable!! I am very impressed.This is the first time I've given feedback on a product I have bought.

I received my Eyebrow Wand as a gift so I had nothing to loose and everything to gain. My eyebrows are light and already fairly shapely and therefore I have never justified the need to go to a Professional, but I still always maintained my eyebrows using at-home kits. Up until I received the Nads Eyebrow Wand I had painstakingly plunked and shaped my eyebrows using tweezers, it was always so time consuming! The Nads Eyebrow Wand is effortless, sensitive on my delicate skin, and most importantly quick! It's compact enough to take on trips away or leave in your purse for touch ups. It's quality and affordable (as I see its under $20! Bargain!). Will suggest to all my girlfriends. Thanks Nads x

Goodmorning.Woke up this morning and thought today's the day to do my eyebrows myself, I bought your product 2 weeks ago and been meaning to do it but as silly as it sounds I was scared of the what "ifs" what if I mess up, to messy, etc.. so I did it read the directions (simple and easy), no mess and LOVED IT! Just thought to drop a line on how pleased I am...thank you :)

I have tried so many different products to wax, pluck or chemically blast my eyebrows into submission. Today I had the pleasure of using your eyebrow sculpting wand. Amazing! So quick so easy and great results and only a quarter the cost of going to a Salon. I try to only use beauty products that are cruelty free so I was over the moon to see that you say NO TO TESTING ON ANIMALS yay! Thank you!!!

This eyebrow kit is really good if you know how to use it. You could make any shape you want and you could get at least 5 uses out of it. It's cheap and fun to do! Especially at times when eyebrow places are closed, this kit really comes in handy. Plus, nads has really good cutomer service and really good tips for all types of waxing.

Whether your eyebrows are too thick, or you want to balance them out to create a desired shape, here are five benefits of investing in professional eyebrow waxing services at our Edmonton medical and beauty spa.

Eyebrows are one of your most important facial features. They help you express emotions, add flair to your look, and can even affect the shape of your face and overall aesthetic appearance. Having your eyebrows regularly trimmed, groomed, or maintained by a waxing professional is therefore very important and can help:

Most clients don't visit a salon for just one service at a time. It's common to see multiple treatments listed in the same appointment. For example, an eyebrow wax and tint go hand in hand, so it makes sense that people would want to get both in the same trip.

There is not a lot of aftercare needed for eyebrow services. However, the skin under the eyebrow may hold excess tint or be more sensitive than usual due to waxing. These tips can help your clients ease any minor discomfort they may experience after the appointment.

Heavy oils or moisturizers can further irritate the area, so they should be avoided. Aloe vera, on the other hand, is excellent for cooling and comforting after a wax. To prolong the life of the eyebrow tint, it's important for your clients to stay away from anything that might accelerate fading, such as the beach or chlorine pools, particularly on the day of the service. Any client who receives an eyebrow wax and tint on the same day should delay scrubbing extra tint off the skin until any residual redness or puffiness from the waxing has abated.

Encourage clients who want great-looking brows to combine their eyebrow wax and tint into one appointment. When you do, don't get caught without all the supplies you need to meet the demand for these services. You can join our free VIP club to get free training opportunities, free shipping and in-store credit with every Lash Stuff purchase.

Whether you just need a teensy bit more color to define your arches and tail, or you want to go from barely there brows to darker and more defined brows, welcome to your eyebrow tinting kit. Go through the henna-based tinting process one time for a subtle tint, then repeat for more intensely pigmented brows that will last up to a week. 041b061a72


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