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although this post has been written in the context of the last several decades, it is actually more than a century old. when british colonialists began to take control over the lands of the arabian peninsula in the late nineteenth century, there were more than a few thousand jews who lived in these countries. they were greeted with the offer of citizenship, provided with schooling, and were able to take up positions of power in the muslim communities they had lived in for centuries. but none of these jewish newcomers were allowed to become doctors or take a leading role in the islamic societies of the region. after centuries of being the unimportant ethnic minority, the jews of the arabian peninsula were now suddenly becoming the majority. their success in holding onto their gains caused great alarm among the arab muslim population, especially those with a strong religious and cultural heritage. many of these muslims were concerned that this new group was leading a double life. they were not practicing their faith properly, and they were not following the many traditional islamic laws and practices that had been in place for centuries. in other words, the new arrivals were not practicing true islam. in their eyes, the jews had failed to live up to the true islam that they wished to preserve. instead of supporting their new arab muslim majority, the old religious leaders were now working to eliminate the jewish minority. in 1921, the grand mufti of jerusalem issued a fatwa against the jews of the arabian peninsula. in it, he stated that the very sound of the word jew is an impurity. he was speaking for the entire arabian muslim world when he did this. the grand mufti of jerusalem was a great religious leader who had earned a reputation for fairness and justice among the arab muslim people in the middle east. he was not only a religious leader, but also the former head of the legal department of the united nations and was one of the most influential scholars in the muslim world. he issued a fatwa in which he declared that the jews were not islamic, and that they were therefore not allowed to practice islam in the arabian peninsula.

Islamic Medicine Yusuf Al Hajj Pdf Download



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