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Elmo Dancing Music Books Part 1 !FULL!

The Hokey Pokey, also known as Hokey Cokey in the United Kingdom and the Caribbean,[1] is a campfire song and participation dance with a distinctive accompanying tune and lyric structure. It is well-known in English-speaking countries. It originates in a British folk dance, with variants attested as early as 1826. The song and accompanying dance peaked in popularity as a music hall song and novelty dance in the mid-1940s in the UK. The song became a chart hit twice in the 1980s. The first UK hit was by the Snowmen, which peaked at UK No. 18 in 1981.

Elmo Dancing Music Books Part 1

10:18: The actual panel is starting fairly late because the PBS Kids executive wanted to make a lot of announcements, but at least that part of thing was bookended by two funny Grover bits, one making fun of the Spider-Man musical, the other with Grover as The Muppet Your Muppet Could Smell Like. 041b061a72


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