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Crisis Management and Human Behavior

Take Charge in Emergencies

Course Duration: 8 Hours

A crew’s emergency preparedness regarding both the adequacy of procedures and emergency resources are key to minimizing personal injury and property damage in a disaster. Moreover, knowledge of human behavior is fundamental in all emergency management and should be taken into consideration concerning all aspects of emergency response.

The six modules of the course [1] have been based on the following documents, adapting their contents to mass evacuation and critical situations management on large passenger ships:

  • IMO Model Course 1.28, Crowd management, passenger safety and safety training for personnel. Providing direct services to passengers in passenger spaces.

  • IMO Model course 1.29, Proficiency in crisis management and human behavior training including passenger safety, cargo safety, and hull integrity training[2] 


​In This Course You Will:

  • Learn the principles of Crowd Management,

  • Understand the need for a Crowd Management Plan

  • Learn to Manage Crisis

  • Define response to a crisis and normal versus abnormal behavior

  • Understand Warning Phases, reactions to crisis warning and methods to maximize an effective response

  •  Preform the Evacuation Phase, both negative and positive behaviors that will affect evacuation

  •  Understand the Post Incident Phase, behavioral responses after an emergency or crisis incident has occurred



*Also available to organizations for onsite training.

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