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OUPV/Master Up To 100 Ton Online

Online Captain's Course

Our U.S. Coast Guard Approved Captain’s course meets the written examination requirement for the following licenses:

  • Master or Mate Near Coastal not more than 100 tons

  • Master or Mate Inland not more than 100 tons

  • Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels up to 100 tons

Work at your own pace to complete this course. You have 12 weeks to complete the online portion of this course. Upon completion, you will take your proctored USCG Approved final exams. Upon successful completion of the final exams, you will receive a course Certificate of Training that is valid for 1 year to be submitted to the USCG.


In this course you will learn: 

Rules of the Road

International and Inland Deck General

Code of Federal Regulations Navigation General including Aids to Navigation

Chart Plotting Navigation


Additional course materials this course requires you to have:

  • USCG Navigational Rules of the Road Book, International and Inland

  • TRLMI’s “Mariner’s Guide to Rules of the Road” Study Aid Key Card

  • Plotting Tools: We recommend Weems and Plath Roll Plotter #120, Ultralight Divider #176 and Triangle #101

  • Calculator (non-programmable, smartphones cannot be used)

  • Mechanical pencil

Click Here for Licence Requirements

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