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Here's what we're doing to keep everyone safe

Safety and wellbeing in the job place is our highest priority. The coronavirus outbreak presents new, unprecedented challenges for the maritime industry. At Seafarers Worldwide, we are committed to practices that prevent transmission and keep our trainers and trainees healthy. Our safe-open plan has been developed based on guidance and approval from the United States Coast Guard, as well as guidance from the CDC and the State of Washington. 

In addition to local, state, and federal requirements, here's what we're doing to keep everyone safe: 

1. Telepresence/Blended Learning

Students now have the option to attend our courses in person, or via telepresence. Telepresence trainees will not have to set foot in our classroom until it is time to test or operate a training vessel. We have modified all of our courses to reduce risk of exposure.

2. More Boats, Smaller Groups

All in-person testing and proficiency demonstrations will be scheduled to accommodate smaller group sizes and safe distance practices. 

3. PPE

While the CDC guidance has changed regarding the use of masks, we will require all participants to wear a mask during in-person training for the time being. Masks, gloves, and protective eyewear are provided to staff and are available to trainees to ensure everyone's safety. 

4. Sanitizing

All training areas, equipment, and materials are routinely sanitized between uses. 


5. Wellness Checks

Seafarers Worldwide trainers and support staff are monitored for wellness and symptoms on an ongoing basis. Before coming in, all trainees are screened for symptoms and asked to reschedule if they have been feeling unwell. These checks may include temperature readings with a no-contact infrared thermometer and we reserve the right to deny services to anyone. 

6. Hand Washing Policy

We have updated our in-house good hand washing practices training. Hand washing and sanitizing stations are available to trainees in our lobby, training areas, and restrooms with clear signage showing proper hand washing. 

7. No-Contact Registration

No need to come to us, we can take care of registration and payment completely and securely by phone, web, or email. 

8. No-Penalty Rescheduling 

Need to reschedule? No problem! We are happy to work with anyone's schedule to make sure all regulatory and safety requirements are met. If you feel unwell or suspect exposure, please stay home and give us a call to reschedule. 

9. Following Guidance

We are committed to following the guidance of the CDC and other authorities as this situation evolves. We will be updating this page periodically to keep you informed of our practices. 

10. Vaccination Discounts!

Are you already partially or fully vaccinated against Covid-19? Call us to find out how to get your discount! 

11. Communication

Have a question about our Covid-19 Safety Practices? Give us a call or email for more information. 

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