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Online Able Body Seaman Course

Seafarers Worldwide Career Training is very pleased to announce the USCG approval of our “Telepresence” Able Body Seaman course.

This Course will be simultaneously delivered to students in the classroom, as well as broadcast live via the net. Students online will have the same level of interaction with Instructors & fellow students whether in class or online.

The program will utilize a state-of-the-art Telepresence, a three-camera system, and conferencing platform that will allow for as much interaction as if the student were actually in the classroom, its fully immersive. In addition to the in-house instructor, students will also have a dedicated online instructor to facilitate communications with the podium instructor, answer questions, and field requests. The system is quite flexible and allows for participation through any modern computing device with a camera, microphone, and broadband internet connection


The first course offering will be April 6th – April 10, 2020 in La Conner Washington. Class times are 0800hrs-1600hrs Pacific Time


Online registrations are limited to 24 students, full course details can be found on our course registration page

*Please note! You must also sign up for a 2-hour in-person test session to successfully pass this class.

United States Coast Guard (USCG) Approved Online, Able Body Seaman Course, Washington State, La Conner

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