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Upgrade 100 Ton Master to 200 Ton Master Near Coastal

Upgrade your Captain's License

Course Duration: 4 Days (32 Hours)

Telepresence/Blended Learning


This course is being offered in two formats, participants have the option of attending in person in the classroom or due to COVID-19 this course is also offered in a telepresence format. The first four days are instructor lead on-line. The final day is in class at our Anacortes training facility.

The scope of this class is to provide instruction and assessment in the subjects of navigation general, deck general, safety, and environmental protection as appropriate for increasing the authority of an MMC National Officer Endorsement from OUPV, or Master or Mate not more than 100 GRT to Master or Mate not more than 200 GRT Near Coastal.


Upon successful completion of this upgrade class the trainee will have the knowledge of navigation, safety, seamanship, and federal regulations necessary to accept the responsibility for the safety of vessels less than 200 GRT on near coastal routes, including its cargo and passengers; be aware of the obligations under federal regulations concerning safety and protection of the marine environment; and be able to take the practical measures necessary to meet those obligations.


Entry Standards
This course is open to all mariners holding a valid MMC National Officer Endorsement as OUPV, or Master or Mate not more than 100 GRT (including 25 or 50 GRT), or have completed an approved course for OUPV or Master not more than 100 GRT within one year of taking this upgrade course.


Class Completion Requirements
Successful completion of this class requires the student to:
• Attend every day of the class.
• Complete a 70-question multiple choice written exam with a minimum passing score of 70% correct answers (minimum of 49 out of 70 correct answers).


Class Completion Certificate
Upon successful completion of the class requirements each student will be issued a course completion certificate. The certificate must be presented to an REC within one year of the course completion date to satisfy the exam requirements for the MMC endorsement.

COVID-19 Protocols
The first three days of this course will be conducted on a telepresence basis to observe the COVID-19 protocols. The final day will be held in our Anacortes Training Facility at 301 30th Street Anacortes WA.

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